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It’s or Its?

Common Mistake

People often confuse these two words.


Use it’s when you could use it is instead.

EG: It’s (it is) now or never.


Use its to show something belongs to ‘it’.

EG. Put the book on its side. (The side belongs to the book.)

Today Is Where Your Book Begins

Today Is Where Your Book Begins



If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.

– Tennessee Williams

You’re or Your?

Common Mistake

People often confuse these two words.


Use you’re when you could use you are instead.

EG: You’re (you are) the apple of my eye. You’re the pear of my nose.


Use your to show something belongs to ‘you’.

EG. That’s your opinion. (The opinion is yours.)

Well Hello There, You!

Welcome to Juicy Writing.

If you’ve been looking for a site that offers a detailed, rigorous analysis of grammar, semiotics, and the discipline and business of writing, then this is not the site for you.

If you have writerly aspirations, neurotic demons, and a desire to be juicier in written word and style of life, then pull up a chair.

Let’s be juicy together.